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“to give or to present comments on an issue or event”

“untuk memberikan/menyaji-kan komentar atas isyue atau kejadian”

ngono to ? zyo ora ?!
we lha, gek piye STRUCTURE ?
A GENERAL STATEMENT : states an issue/event in general
A STEPPED EXPLANATION : explanations on the event
PERNYATAAN UMUM : menyebutkan isyue/kejadian secara garis besar
PENJELASAN BERTAHAP : penjelasan-penjelasan atas isyue/kejadian
qi lho conto COMMENTARY
Illegal Logging
General statement
The fourth week of March has witnessed the heavy rain as a warning of the coming flood.
Stepped explanation
The flood is not only caused by the rain but also illegal logging. The 100-day government of SBY promises that they will eradicate biggest cases corruption, including illegal logging.
So far, there is no good effort done to realize the promise and illegal logging is still going on.
No matter whether the government will keep the promise or not, the most important thing for us is that we have to be watchful to anticipate the coming flood and other disasters.

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