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“to explain the processes involved in the formation or workings of natural or socio cultural phenomena”
menawi cara Jawi :

“untuk menjelaskan proses yang terlibat dalam pembentukan atau beroperasi/bekerjanya fenomena alam atau sosio kultural”
sopo sing ngerti STRUCTURE-nya ?
A GENERAL STATEMENT : to position the reader
A SEQUENCED EXPLANATION : explanation of why or how something occurs
utawa :

PERNYATAAN UMUM : memposisikan pembaca
PENJELASAN BERRANGKAI : menjelaskan kenapa dan bagaimana sesuatu terjadi
TULADHA teks explanation
The Formation of Carbohydrate (C6H12O6)
General Statement
Carbohydrate is synthesized of H2O and CO2 on leaves.
Roots get the H2O from soil which is transported through stem to leaves.
On the leaves I will combine with CO2 which absorbed from air by leaves.
With the help of sunshine, the chlorophyl will change the combination to be O2 released to air and C6H12O6 which is then circulated to all parts of the tree and also kept in certain parts as food deposit.

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